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Through this course, your student will be equipped with the necessary tools to build their confidence, resolve conflicts, use proper communication (with peers and adults) and so much MORE!

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Nikki Jordan is imaginative, creative, and alluring; known for her passion to push young adults toward their purpose. With a BA in Sociology, her steadfast faith, drive, and ambition helps her garner the attention of young minds and women alike.

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Nikki Jordan uses a special blend of relatable and comedic style storytelling to draw you in to her every word. Whether it’s a private party, a mega...


Using her background in education, Nikki Jordan designs each workshop with fun filled engaging lessons and activities to deepen understanding and create...


A CAAS conference is not just a conference, it’s an experience! From the moment you walk through the door the energy is undeniable. Each...


Mentorship is at the heart and soul of Confidence at any Size. Beginning with our mentoring program ‘CAAS You’re Worth it’ we equip each student with the...

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